There are some things that need to stay the same, and others that need to be changed. If the shoe hurts, take it off, and get another pair of shoes. I know so many people who go around in tight shoes and complain as they limp along. It makes sense to everyone else, “Why doesn’t she just go get a new pair of shoes?” they say.

Not so simple in marriage. Men and women remain miserable for years, hoping the the other person will stop their addiction and turn around and look at them. They even cope with violence and extreme verbal abuse, for the sake of love.

I am not an advocate for separation or divorce. I do work with people though, that are single again, and still living in the past. Once you have made the decision to go, do not look back, because you might just crash into something while you have your eyes on that lost or left soul. Just remember, God doesn’t have any grandchildren. That person was there managing in the world before you met and she will be okay with you gone. Get your eyes on the road ahead of you today and follow the advice of wise others. They tell you to get active, get active. They tell you to go back to school, do it. It is the only adventure story you have, and you might as well get on with it!

More tomorrow!


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