Tired Single Parent Syndrome

Too many single parents have the always tired feeling. No wonder, you do so much! It isn’t your imagination, you are bone weary because you are trying very hard to get it all done and don’t have that extra helping hand. You juggle so many details every day, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Now that school is starting, you have even more appointments, and yet at the end of the day, you will have gotten it all done.

Give yourself an atta girl or atta boy for all the many things you do as a single parent. If you are waiting for your kids to appreciate your full plate, you may be waiting until your hair is grey! Do yourself a favor and after work, and a minute listening to kids’ day, sit in a quiet place and just veg for at least one half hour. If your vegging is to take a walk, then do that, but you have to have some fill up time. I read a mediation book to quiet my mind. Some people watch the cooking channel! Whatever you need to fill up, do it without guilt. You will always be there for your kids, but if you don’t put that oxygen mask on first, you will have a too run down parent on your hands, and that’s not good.

Many single parents who are in a relationship don’t want to bother the other adult in the house because it isn’t their kid. They feel they must take on all the responsibility, for fear they will overwhelm, bother or burden the other person. Why don’t you ask and see?

I’m in your corner. I am your best cheer leader. You are an amazing parent. Now you just have to realize that yourself!

Talk to you soon…



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