Care Packages by Mary O’Connor

When I was a little girl, with five kids in our family, our relatives and friends would give us their hand me downs, good ones! We were thrilled when my mom announced a friend had given her a care package for us to go through and see if we wanted anything. I loved all the stuff that family handed down!

At that time CARE was a world service organization that was sending packages to the poor in other countries. Since we were semi poor in this country, we were grateful to get our CARE packages.

When I became a mother with five kids, I was lucky to have some friends myself who helped out with the clothes shortage at times. I would even shop at garage sales to pick up extra jackets.

Fast forward to today, I also see my daughters handing down gently used grown out of clothes to their other sisters with smaller children. This lovely caring gesture warms my heart.

I would like to pass on this care package. My vision of unconditional spiritual love that I picked up over the years in my church and support groups.  You may have whatever parts of this wonderful spirit that you like and leave the rest, just like our Thanksgiving dinner.

This spirit, which is somewhere inside of you in your brain, is loving you so much and is so kind. This loving spirit doesn’t forgive, because you are perfect to the spirit. It’s your own dark alley in your head that wants to remind you often of your shame, guilt and critical thoughts. These thoughts keep you at times in a dark place and stop you from forgiving yourself.

Think about how lovely it would be to receive a care package of the spirit of unconditional love today. Wear it and remember, it’s been slightly used!


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