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Come on in

ImageProbably the most courageous action that people take is to ask for help. Your child seems out of control, your marriage seems to be teetering on the brink of destruction, or you don’t feel like doing anything and you seem to have lost your motivation. Whatever the reason, counseling with another person can relieve some of the stress you are going through, handling things alone. Our sliding scale services are just that; depending on your income, you pay what you can afford, based on our scale. This is a big deal, coming in and talking to a professional about your private concerns, and we are here to listen and help you sort out the problems. Give us a quick call and we will set you up with a professional who cares.

We offer the discounted services because our therapists are in training for their MFT license and gaining more experience toward that license. The therapists are supervised by seasoned licensed therapists who work collaboratively with the counselor to provide the best service possible for you.