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Everyday Victimhood

Most of us don’t realize it when we crossed the line from self sufficient to dependent, from self assured to insecurity, from self respected to feeling victimized. Sometimes it was getting into a relationship with someone who was indifferent to our needs or wants. Sometimes it was getting involved with someone who wanted to control us. And sometimes it was just taking a class where the teacher was using her power to be demeaning and critical. Whenever the change took place, you might have started believing the lie that you didn’t matter, that if only you tried harder you could make that person love you, or that the teacher was probably right, you are stupid.
Resigning from Victimhood.
It only takes some brain power to begin a positive self talk program that recognizes your worth as a human being and gives you the courage to push against those negative forces that try to bring you down.
A harsh remark, a sour look, or a sigh could be the trigger that, in the past would send you to a world of hurt.
When you resign from victimhood, you act like a duck and let it roll off your back. Shake it off and keep going. You are worth a world of self respect.
If you want self respect, it is alway helpful to give respect. Respecting yourself could come in the form of staying away from people you know will be rude or unkind to you.